Flaw / Ritz (workshop)


For new creation we are holding weekly workshops for a new project in Uferstudios, Berlin.

During this research period we will further develop the concept of RITZ. Once a week, we will provide open workshop for performers, whose focus lies in multiple disciplines (e.g. dancers, acrobats, singers, clowns, actors, visual artists, musicians). This creative lab will focus on generating movement material in dialog with commonplace materials and sonic material. Our aim will be to test out ideas for the upcoming piece and create a playground for participants. Exchange of methodology of working and feedback will be part of the learning process that we will provide.

“In the piece FLAW we want to look for bursts of hidden parts of ourselves. How do we create our identity and how can it be unveiled in a split of a second? FLAW is a space where serious yet comical moments connect into a clown inside of us.”

This workshop is happening thanks to i-portunus that supported proffesional development of Alica Minarova in Ahtens in July-August 2019.

The workshop will be led by:


Alica Minarova

Stage and costume designer:

Claudia Gali