Dialogue between body & objects (research laboratory)


We will focus on understanding of the nature of chosen common place materials and objects. Through listening and working with the objects, we will distort, transform, combine, recreate and explore.

Throughout the research, we will be working with the following questions and their variations: How to generate movement material in dialog with objects? How to separate generated movement material from the object and continue in development. Eventually, how to come back to the object and find new aspects thanks to the separation.

We will work individually as well as in groups on framed propositions applying choreographic tools on one or multiple objects within the space (e.g. foam, iron, fabrics, slime, toys, etc.). You can also bring any objects that you find fascinating and wish to explore further.

I am interested in exploring the spectrum between contemporary clown and installation performances. Both of the genres have different aesthetics, where the approach to objects play a central role. My other focus is to try out various methodological approaches of how to lead research processes within group dynamics (collective work, guided improvisations, working with translation of images etc.).


Performance artists interested in movement and dance.


9.1. – 13.2.2020
19:00-21:00, Thursdays


Uferstudios, Studio 12
Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin
German and English friendly


Research laboratory is free of charge. Please, write an email if you plan to come 3 days before each session. It is not compulsory to come every time.

Contact: [email protected]

This research laboratory is part of my HZT studies and a result of my mobily supported by i-portunus. Optionally, this lab can lead to further collaboration on master project, but should not be taken as an audition.