Alica Minar & col. z.s.

Alica Minar & col. z.s. is a professional art group maintaining a permanent continuity of cooperation with Czech and German institutions, with an emphasis on thematic and genre overlap.

Since its founding in August 2020, the association has been able to premiere the PERMEANCE project, reprise EXPLOSION and Wobbly, and begin research for DEVOURER. They received multi-source funding for their activities from domestic and international grants. The collective’s portfolio includes touring with their productions in European theatres and building relationships with residency and co-production partners.

They connect the scenes not only in methodology and choreographic practice, but also by building a complex network of collaboration enabling them to pass on internationally acquired know-how. They have experience and expertise in creating productions in international teams with focus on collective work.

In summary, their works are perceived by critics and the media as well thought through. They work precisely, but with feeling while they do not lose playfulness, humour or dynamics.

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Artistic director, Choreographer, Performer
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Author, Editor, Administrator
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Dramaturg, Dancer and PR
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Alica Minar and col. z.s.

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Czech republic

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