n o m a d


We are always on the road, and paradoxically, the road is our place to stop, to slow down and think. We travel thousands of kilometers and only then we have time for ourselves, to digest and sort out our experiences. What all the traps are caught on our way and when do we start to feel overwhelmed? Maybe we just need to stop for a while so we can keep on moving forward. For a moment, we’re coming back to ourselves. We could call this act an act of homecoming. But what is our home? Is it the place where we physically live or is it more than the place, the state of mind in which we are, the people we are with?

n o m a d is an international dance performance that deals with the phenomenon of current times – being in a „moving society“ – transferring seen as a necessity stemming from constant movement.

How do we experience the „betwixt and between“, when we get out of social categories or personal identities that are neither here nor there? What is it like to come to the new society? Do we need to settle down in the new places to call them „ours“? How does the society accept and welcome us? What kind of initiation do we have to go through?

Performance n o m a d was created thanks to great support and help of Mirka Eliášová, Jaro Viňarský, Marie Kinski, Šimon Peták, Kateřina Uhrové and the whole creative team.

Moreover, we would like to thank for support of:


If you are interested to see the full video of the peroformance, please write to: [email protected]

Concept and choreography:

  • Alica Minárová (SK)

Creation and interpretation:

  • Tereza Slávkovská (SK), Solène Schnüriger (CH/GR), Tomáš Janypka (SK), Sabina Bočková (CZ), Mira Studer (CH)


  • Mira Studer (CH)

Stage design and costumes:

  • Rufina Bazlová (BLR)

Light design:

  • Tomaš Morávek (CZ)


  • Bohumíra Eliášová (CZ)


  • Adam Lukáč


  • n o m a d is a working label for an international project that takes place in Czech Republic, Switzerland and Slovakia. The project brings together artists from various cultures, fields, genres as well as diverse professional backgrounds - dance, movement, music and theater. We see richness in very different approaches to life and creation. Sharing of certain values allows us to enrich, teach and learn from the others.
  • The energy of a common meeting has directed us to the reflection of movements inside of us. They reflect our being in a "moving society".
  • We want to invite the spectator to ask questions and re-evaluate anchored ideas. At the same time, there should be left freedom for translation of the transmitted information and invite to reflection.