Salva sama. / Salvo by herself.


Short dance film, created in 2018 in colaboration of HAMU, FAMU and DAMU.

A woman. By herself, alone. What is afflicting her? Where does she loose control, but doesn’t let the others to see it? And most of all, she doesn’t even want to admit it by herself. But look, everything seems to be in order and all right. Just until… Where is her border? When will it bursts all over and she will have to show her true self at least for a few moments. What she was once. A young and cheerful cheerleader. What is left of it today is just splitting up legs and a faded glory. Salvo. By herself. Alone.


  • Alica Minar


  • Adam Mach


  • Filip de Pina

Music composer:

  • Constant Goddard

Set design:

  • Sára Fritzová


  • Sára Fritzová & Alica Minárová


  • Jana Hyanková & Lucia Molcányinová


  • Bohumíra Eliášová, Jirí Myslík