In what ways can a woman publicly share her sexuality? In doing so, what ramifications might this have on the other? ‚Saudade‘ describes the sensation felt of something beloved that has disappeared or perhaps was never there. In this solo, the audience is invited to gather around an altar-like structure, the intimate presence of each other being palpable and gazes unavoidable. Entering an endless chain of spirals, the performer opens a dialogue with spectators on nudity, sensuality and sanctity of the female body.

Drawing from her field research in strip clubs, Jungian psychology and cults of ancient fertility goddesses, choreographer Alica Minar presents a poetic yet raw piece.


Choreography, performing: Alica Minar

Dramaturgy: Šimon Peták

Music: Lukáš Palán

Light design and video production: Michal Horáček

Visual concept and solution: Denisa Švachová

Costume design: Judita Mejstříková

Photo: Anna Benháková, Richard Hodonický, Ján Petýrek

Video documentation: Jiří Jiráček


Žižkovská noc, Studio Alta, BuranTeatr, Nadace Život umělce, SE.S.TA, La Manufacture

Special thanks

Petr Dlouhý, Marie Svobodová, Anna Vtípilová, Laurent Valdés, Kateřina Uhrová, Giulio Zannol, Jan Szücz and Luděk Sedlář