It’s a game with strict boundaries in which imagery and longing go hand in hand. It’s a puffed out void that bursts and hits you right into your chest. It’s whispering at the edge of actuality. Saudade – the sensation of lacking, grief for something beloved that disappeared or has never been here. Solo by a dancer and choreographer, Alica Minárová (SVK/CZE/DEU), who through the character of a stripper searches for natural sensuality that doesn’t deprive the female body of dignity by showing it.

The performance was created with support of BuranTeatr, Studio Alta and Nadace Život umělce.

We want to thank to Marie Svobodová, Anna Vtípilová, Laurent Valdés, Kateřina Uhrová, Giulio Zannol, Jan Szücz and Luděk Sedlář for their enthusiasm that made the long-lasting development of this project possible.

Choreography, performing:

  • Alica Minar


  • Šimon Peták


  • Lukáš Palán

Visual concept and solution:

  • Denisa Švachová

Light design:

  • Eliška Kociánová


  • Anna Benháková

Video documentation:

  • Jiří Jiráček