Rawtrip GbR is an artistic group based in between Berlin and Freiburg that was founded by Melissa Kieffer and Alica Minar in 2021. The creation of dance performances and education are two main pillars of their work.

The company focuses on working with professionals as well as different social groups, including them in the creative process and connecting them to each other through art. In the long term, they want to create a platform for artists from different disciplines – a meeting place for exchange, networking and mutual support.

The activities of Rawtrip GbR are strongly oriented towards border regions, such as the Freiburg-Basel-Strasbourg triangle, but also towards regions falling under the domain of Czech-German cooperation.
Although the association is relatively new on the scene, it has already shown the potential to fulfil its goals and to produce art works.

In 2021, the first research for the production called Hindurch took place. It is a dance project by choreographer Breeannne Saxton, inspired by the artist Hilma af Klint. The project was successfully staged in the „Work in Progress“ phase as part of the Czech-German all-day event Breath of the Spirit taking place in the border region of Ústí nad Labem. The project called DEVOURER is the second (co-)production of this group.

Currently in portfolio

Melissa Kieffer

artistic co-direction

Alica Minar

artistic co-direction


Rawtrip GbR
Langestrasse 21
79341 Kenzingen

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